Sunday, January 21, 2018

Still Streaking!

We successfully completed our 40 day run streak from Thanksgiving day through New Years Day! One of our running friends found another streak that runs through February, so we decided to continue our streak, combining the 2.

 I didn't read the guidelines all the way through (oops!), and the rule was that all the miles had to be OUTSIDE. I posted this picture on the first day of the streak to the FB group:

It was SO freaking cold out that day, and we decided to hit the treadmill. I had a great 5-mile run and felt AMAZING afterward! I woke up the next day, and there were a few comments on my picture asking how many outside miles I had done. The answer was ZERO. I just quietly deleted the post and unfollowed the group.

I didn't feel bad at all; this was MY streak, and I was going to do what I wanted ;-) Carl and I have since continued our streak and today, was day 60! We have run every day, even just a mile since Thanksgiving day and we don't have plans on stopping! Total miles so far-204.62!

We are in the midst of half marathon training, so that helps! The weather has FINALLY warmed up too; a few days last week were brutal and the wind..was serious! How many days until Spring!?

Stay tuned on how our training is going and updates to our run streak :-)


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