Monday, January 1, 2018

Run streaking and race report!

I am excited to see what 2018 brings! From Thanksgiving Day through New Years day, our running club had a friendly competition with our sister club, CERC for a run streak via FaceBook. It has been SO fun to get to know them a bit better and cheer them on! The only rule was that you had to run at least a mile everyday; no excuses! My total for the last 40 days was 144 miles; some days I ran only a mile and some days I ran more. There were days that I just didn't feel like it, but I knew my streak was on the line.

Today, New Years Day, there was a local 5K-Finish on the First, which encourages those to come out and get the year started right! Carl and I didn't have plans to sign up, but I won an entry via an Instagram post, thanks to Living Fit Columbus. Since I won an entry, I bought Carl his entry for his birthday, which was Dec. 27th.

We have been not feeling well the past few days and were hoping we would feel better to run. The temp. in Columbus was around 7 degrees so we knew we had to bundle up! We got there about an hour early, but thankfully we could wait inside the community center until the race started. We found some of our running friends and hung out with them for a bit.

Carl and I decided that we were just going to do an easy run and run this one together! We usually don't run races together, as we are always focusing on time and racing the clock. It was SO nice to just run the race and just enjoy it; so that is what we did!

We finished, and cheered some friends in as they crossed the finish line. By this time, our hands were going numb so we headed back inside. They had tacos for us, so we had a lettuce and tomato taco. We found our friends again and talked about their race experience with them. 

I would run this one again as it was a nice race and an awesome way to kick off 2018!

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