Friday, October 6, 2017

My best half!

Back in August, Carl and I ran the Emerald City half marathon in Dublin, OH and I thought he was crazy for signing us up for a half at the end of August. I do not do well in the heat, so I was a bit concerned that it was going to be hot, hot, hot.

We got up early on race day to have enough time to park and figure out where the start was; and I hate to be in a rush! This was our first time racing this race, so we weren't sure of the course.

We got there in plenty of time and met up with some of our running friends. Thank goodness it was almost cold out that morning; I had a good feeling!

Carl has been having some knee issues so he decided to run with one of the girls in our group who does intervals. I was glad that he wasn't going to do it by himself and he had someone to keep him company!

Sandy and Carl headed to the finish!

The course was on some roads, through a neighborhood and then through a park. I was so happy that it was cool out, as there wasn't much shade and I would have had a hard time running in full sun.

Around mile 7 or 8, I calculated that I could possibly PR! I even recorded instastories mile 8-13 :-) I was feeling SO good! I finished and checked my official time and saw:

Finishing time: 2:03:57
Min/mile: 9:28

I just shaved off almost 6 minutes off my previous PR! I was so excited to have that time be almost 2 hours! I typically run around a 10 minute mile, but that day I had speed :-) My goal next year is to have a 2 hour or less half. I just need to get the marathon done, have a few weeks recovery and rest and start to focus on my next goal!

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