Friday, October 20, 2017

Columbus Marathon Take 2

This past Sunday, 10/15/17, I ran my second full marathon and it was quite an amazing day. The week prior, I ran 10 miles with my Columbus Westside Running Club and felt amazing the entire run. I knew I was ready to kick some booty at the marathon.

We met our run club at a tent, thanks to the Columbus Running Company and to the Columbus Marathon for letting us have a spot to meet up. I was so excited to see everyone and wish everyone good luck as I knew they would all do awesome.

Buck, Me, Jennifer, Sandy, Carl, Mac, Walt and Victoria

We missed a few in the picture as they were in line for the bathrooms :-) I decided I would wait and hit a port a potty on the course.

It was time to get in our corrals and I headed to corral D. I looked around and I saw mostly half marathon bibs. I was really starting to get anxious to start, and I ended up seeing just a few full marathon bibs. I knew I was in the right place.

I didn't cross the start line until around 7:45 ( the race started at 7:30am) or a bit later as they released the corrals in waves. I knew I wanted to take this race slow....I mean like 10:30 pace as I knew I wouldn't be in good shape at mile 13.1 if I went any faster. I was going to also stop at ALL the hydration stops and try to enjoy the day. The weather was warm for October, and the race started out with yellow flags, which meant to slow down as hazardous conditions were expected.

I knew at the beginning of the race, Carl wasn't sure if he was going to be able to run the full due to some knee issues he has been having. I crossed the point in the race where the half marathoners turn off and the fulls keep going. I see Carl, my parents and his family at the corner cheering. I was glad to see Carl didn't push himself and knew his limits, but also thought I had to keep going as I had people waiting on me!

Around mile 16 or so, my left foot started rubbing on my shoe. Thankfully one of the medic tents had some Vaseline; I quickly took off my shoe and lathered my toes and foot. I was good to go! The wind started to pick up, which made it more difficult but I kept pushing through. I later found out that they diverted some of the full marathoners at the end due to some lightening in the area. The wind was crazy!

As I ran miles 20-26, I was thinking to myself what a great day it was. Last year, I didn't remember miles 20-24 as I had gotten so sick. I was taking everything in and stopping at every hydration stop and felt so good. I also packed some twizzlers and my salts and those helped too :-) There were spectators also giving out goodies, like jelly beans and starbursts.

At mile 24, I had started to walk and a girl came next to me and said, " I'm sticking with you if that is ok". I needed her to push me through the next 2 miles. I told her that I wanted to finish under 5 hours and she said "lets do this!". We kept up with each other until mile 25.5 or so and she kept going. I was still running but a bit slower. I kept telling myself  "don't walk, you got this!"

I turned the corner to run to the finish line and saw my family again. They were cheering me on and I knew I was going to get under 5 hours.

I finished and felt AMAZING! I grabbed a water and some snacks and headed to our team tent. I was anxious to see who was there and how everyone did.

My parents

My parents met me there and my mom said, " I can't believe how good you did and you have a smile on your face!." I couldn't believe how well the day went and how AWESOME I really did feel! My official time was 4:56:57. I shaved an entire HOUR and 5 MINUTES from my time last year!!

Hit the PR Gong!

Mac and I

The Race Director, Darris Blackford

So proud of us!


Will I run another marathon? Possibly but right now, I am just so happy with the outcome of the day :-)