Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Road Trip!

This past weekend, we were in Hickory, NC taking a class to get RRCA Coaching Certification ( more on that later!) Class was from 8-5:30 Saturday and 8-5 on Sunday. The next step is to take an online class and hope we pass!

After we were done with class on Sunday, we met Carl's dad in Greenville for dinner. It had been 3 days since I have ran, so of course we got in a quick 5 miles before dinner.

On Monday we didn't wake up until 10am! I don't remember the last time we slept in that late..I guess we needed it. Around noon, we all walked downtown Clemson and got in a nice 5 mile walk around campus.

On Tuesday, Carl's dad had a tee time of 9am. We dropped him off at the golf house and Carl and I went on a run/walk/hike on some of the trails nearby. The hills were a good workout since we don't really have any in Columbus. We didn't have a pace that we wanted to run at; we just went with how we felt. We would run the flats, hike the hills and walk when we needed to.

We actually visited this same waterfall 6 years ago, just a few months after we started dating :-)

 Once we were done with our run, we headed to the pool. The water was WAY too cold to get in, so we just enjoyed a little bit of sunshine. Then we headed to the club house and grabbed lunch. Most of the spread was vegetarian, which was awesome!

After lunch, we all headed back to Carl's dad's and I took a quick nap. Traveling wears me out..ha! The weather has been so nice, so Carl and I sat on his dads back patio and worked on our run club. The work doesn't stop just because we are vacationing! :-)


  1. Hard to believe it's been 6 years!!! XOXO 😘

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