Sunday, March 12, 2017

Commit to be fit Expo

Carl and I are getting ready to run the Bataan Memorial Death March next weekend so yesterday  (Saturday) we had 7 miles on the training calendar. This was our last long run before race day! I will blog about that experience when we get back, so stay tuned!

We decided to head down to the Commit to be Fit Expo at the fairgrounds to see what they had available, as neither one of us had been before. They had all sorts of different booths ranging from the Metro Parks to the Kidney Foundation. We did have our cholesterol tested and blood pressure taken. There was a Zumba class in process too!

As we wondered through the Expo, we found Jeff Hogan from 10tv and I HAD to take a picture! He is pretty much the face of health and is also the Commit to be fit host. He is SO nice and we chatted about how to possibly get him to come out to MC our future race. And not to mention, not too bad to look at either :-)

We were on a time crunch as we had a party to attend but I wanted to try this exercise which involved resistance bands. I need to do more resistance/weight training for sure! The gal who showed me how to do it was in amazing shape! I can't imagine how many squats and pulls she did during the day.

We decided that we saw what we wanted and headed out. It was nice to see so many people there caring about their health. Only if we could get them moving their bodies everyday..that would be even better. Baby steps I suppose, right!?

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