Saturday, February 4, 2017

Run Date

Carl and I have ran our neighborhood a million times and we wanted some different scenery this week. Carl is running a full in March and I'm doing a half so I have been running his mileage (mostly). I only really wanted to do 5, but he had 9 on the schedule. So, Thursday evening we got dressed, made sure we were well lit and had plenty of hydration.

We headed east on the Camp Chase Trail ( that we LOVE!) and we were going to run 4.5 miles out, turn around and run home. But, we decided to go to 9 miles out and we headed towards downtown.

Once we got to North Bank Park and saw the view, we HAD to stop and snap a picture. The skyline was just gorgeous and still; almost like we had the whole city to ourselves!

We didn't see very many people on the trail downtown and kept saying, 'Where is everybody?' It was SO peaceful and the city has done a wonderful with having the riverfront lit up. Even the steps by COSI were lighted! So beautiful!

We made it to High St. and ran north. Once we got to the Short North, Carl got hungry and we decided we would get pizza. A cool thing about running is that  you can run anywhere you want without having to worry about driving or traffic. And work up an appetite :-)

We made it to OSU campus and made the decision we would eat at Tommy's. If you live in Columbus and haven't been or come to Columbus for a visit, make sure you visit Tommy's; the OSU location. It is really a staple on campus and is typically packed on football Saturdays.

When we walked in, I planned on only eating a few pieces as I wasn't super hungry and told Carl I have goals! He ordered a small cheese and I ended up eating half...oops!

It was SO good! After we ate, we called an Uber home; there was no way we were running back home!

It was a special night and I am so thankful that I have a partner who loves running as much as I do and is up for adventures :-) Stay tuned for more adventures!


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  1. I love the Uber run dates. We have to do more of these out and Ubers! :)