Monday, February 6, 2017

1st race of 2017!

Carl and I signed up for the 5thline5K several months ago, knowing the weather may not be the best in February. You just never know day to day if the weather in Ohio is going to cooperate with your plans or not. Saturday we ran 11 miles and it was cold, but tolerable. The weather app said it felt like 14 degrees as we were headed out the door at 7:30am. Race morning, I was pleasantly happy that the 'feels like' was 34 degrees.

The morning of the race, we had OSU come out and give a small talk to our Sunday runners about pace. This was so important as we do have several new runners in our group. We stayed to hear the talk, then Carl and I headed to the 5K which didn't start until 10am. I loved the fact that it started later in the morning; didn't feel rushed.

Melissa from OSU talking to our Sunday group.

We decided to park at COSI and get some miles in before the race. As we were running we were discussing our strategy. Do we race this 5K or just run it and take it easy. I knew Carl was going to race it and I had a goal to finish under 30 minutes. We were able to get in 3 warm up miles before the race started.
I lined up right by the 30:00 minute pace group and Carl went to the front. Told him I would see him at the end. The wind kicked up a little but otherwise, the sun was out and I was having such a great time! I looked at my watch and I was running a 8:30ish pace. I looked up and I saw the 28:00 minute pacer and decided I was going to crank it up and catch him, which I did about mile 2.5. The cool thing about the race was that it finished on the ice at Nationwide Arena. I was coming in toward the finish line and the clock read 25 minutes and something...I didn't notice the seconds as I was just focused on the minutes. Did I really finish in 25 or so minutes?

I looked around and found Carl. He didn't even see me come in as he was looking for me. I must have been really fast at the end...ha! We grabbed our medal and headed toward the lobby. We hung out there for a few minutes before heading out to do another 2 miles. We got back to the car, checked our times and we both CRUSHED the 5k!

Carl's results:

Overall: 62nd of 2,782
Male: 58th of 1,269
M30-39: 20th of 336
Finishing time: 20:27

My results:

Overall: 388th of 2,782
Female: 92nd of 1,513
F30-39: 33rd of 425
Finishing time: 24:52

We were both pretty pleased with our results and proud that we are improving with our runs :-)