Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Lets catch up on the last month or so, shall we?

Carl and I ran a half marathon the Saturday after Thanksgiving called The Hungry Turkey. The weather was cold, but perfect for running! There weren't a ton of people who ran it, but there were a lot of people we know ran it! What made it fun was I got to see everyone as they turned around and started going the other way, we gave each other high fives to keep each other going.

The course ended up being short, which is not good if you are trying to set a PR ( personal record). That was not cool AT ALL. I know a lot of people complained and I'm not sure I will run that race again. And, the course was different than what they had posted so I'm guessing they ran into issues with the permits. But, we had fun anyways!

A few people from our running club signed up for The Jingle Bell run a few weeks later, but we hadn't signed up thinking we were done with races for the year. One of our friends ended up not being able to go, so we bought his bib from him and his wife. It ended up being my fastest 5k run; thanks for Carl pushing me the whole way :-)

Later the same day. my parents invited us to join them on the FunBus to a trip to Oglebay Festival of Lights. 
Of course we had to wear our Santa hats! We stopped at a really nice restaurant for dinner before sitting in traffic for hours just to get in.

The traffic was backed up for miles, and it took us around 3 hours to get into the resort. It was worth it as the lights were beautiful! Also, got a chance to spend time with family which is ALWAYS important.

Merry Christmas!!

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