Saturday, November 19, 2016

We ran a 5K

Hi there! I know, I know I haven't posted in awhile. One of my goals is to get on here more often! Make sure are following me so you can get notifications of new posts :-)

Last weekend we ran a 5K. You are probably thinking, why would you do that since you love long distances? I was actually looking forward to a smaller race so we signed up! We have a friend who runs in our sister running club (Columbus Eastside Running club) who's husband is very involved in this race. It was the Fairfield County United Way 5K and since our club is running on an United Way grant, we thought we would support our friend and the United Way.

A few of us from our running club signed up and we met at the Fairgrounds Saturday morning. My right hip was giving me some issues so my plan was going to take it easy and just run. Carl and another gal were racing so they had a different strategy. I told them I would see them at the finish!

Most 5K's don't have pace  groups but this one did! I found the 10:00 pacer and lined up with them. We took off and I was fine, but we had a huge hill during mile 1 and I thought I was going to have to walk. My hip was all tweaked and was a bit painful. I'm stubborn ( just ask Carl!) so I just slowed it down and was much better by mile 2. I lost the pacer I was with as I had gained some speed. There were quite a few hills on the course so it was good for me, as I don't do many hills running in Columbus. It was a beautiful morning and I just soaked it all in. I was going around the track and saw Carl with our friends as they had finished so they were cheering me on.

They gave out awards and our group won fastest group! What!? We were shocked! We ended up with a traveling trophy, which will have our running club's name on it and we will get it for a year. How freaking cool is that!? Also, Carl got fastest in his age group; I was so proud of him :-)

We are definitely signing up again next year; we got to defend our title!

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  1. That trophy is done traveling for a looooong time! ;)