Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Today Carl and I wanted to get out of town and go hiking so we headed to Hocking Hills. I didn't want to stay home and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We put in the GPS Conkle's  Hollow, which was about an hour drive.

We got there and the parking lot was PACKED! I knew it would be busy, but geesh! We almost didn't find a parking spot. We headed towards the trail and picked to do the more challenging hike, which had higher elevation.

The sun was out and we couldn't have asked for a better day. The view was AMAZING!
We were getting hungry so of course, Carl was prepared! He packed snacks and drinks for us that were waiting in the car. I never think of these things, but he does! :-)
Once we were done snacking and re-hydrated, so we decided to find another place to hike on the way home. We stopped at Rock House, which was a little less than a mile hike. I didn't take any pictures there since we weren't there for very long. We got back in the car and the GPS was taking us another way home than the way we went. We love adventures!

We stopped on Laurelville, OH and grabbed subway. Across the street was this building; very unique to I had to snap a picture!

There was a small grocery store we went in and bought a bag of pretzels. In the pop section, they had this displayed and you could enter to win it:
Only in small town America could you see that, right!?

 We took our Subway to go and found a picnic table outside the grocery store. We sat down, enjoyed the sights of motorcycles going in and out and just each others company.
We finished lunch and headed home. Of course, I had to stop for a bathroom break so we decided to stop at a Wendy's. Carl ordered a small frosty for each of us and we split a small fry. I haven't had fast food ( other than Sunway) in a very LONG time. This was a special day with my special boyfriend. We enjoyed every minute :-)

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  1. We needed that trip out of town! Looking sharp in that 2016 Marathon finishers zip up, btw. ;)