Monday, October 31, 2016

Online Virtual Boot Camp!

You are probably asking what all that is involved in a virtual boot camp, right? I am hosting a boot camp starting Monday Nov. 14th and will go for 30 days; which take us through Thanksgiving. The holidays are HARD and I want to encourage you and motivate you through working out and eating right.

Are you willing to make an investment in you? If your answer is YES, this is what you will get:

1) Me as your coach!

2) Beachbodys NEWEST program, which incorporates kickboxing and MMA style workouts!

3) 30 day supply of  dense nutrition ( which I LOVE!)

4) Access to my EXCLUSIVE group where we will motivate each other to KEEP going.

5) Accountability with access to an app where you will log all your workouts.

6) Meal plan to keep you on track.

Are you ready to commit to a better you? Email me or leave a comment to let me know you are interested and I will get you the details!

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