Sunday, September 25, 2016

3 freaking weeks to go!

I know I have been MIA lately, but let me tell you...marathon training is no joke! Last week was our peak week with 49 miles for the week and whoa, it was a lot. It's going to be so worth it, I can't hardly wait.

Remember awhile back in this post my goal was to run 500 miles this year? As of today, I have blew that goal out of the water....944.1 as of today. I am here to reach my goals and I am happy you are here right beside me as I share my experiences!

Training has been going so good! The only thing that has really got to me is the exhaustion. Running 5-8 miles almost every night after work is killer! It is finally starting to cool down and I'm so happy! This summer was a hot one to pick to marathon train ;-)

We snuck in an awesome 5K last weekend which supported the Valleyview Hilltop YMCA!

When we got our training calendar at the beginning of the season, Carl and I looked at last week and never imagined that we would be able to run all the miles that we needed to for the week. Our long run yesterday was 22 miles. 22 FREAKING miles! I thought to myself back in June, 'Will I really be ready to run that distance by then?' I had some overwhelming feelings come over me last week and I felt that I just needed to catch my breath. I have put so much time with running that I needed to slow down and just take a day. I did that and let me tell you.. I felt so much better.

Yesterdays run was almost perfect. The group we run with is amazing and so motivational. There are 3 of us in the group that this will be our first marathon and the rest are experienced. It's so nice to be able to talk strategy with them and have a plan in place for race day. My plan: to finish.

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