Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ride with the Mayor

Last Saturday, the city hosted a Family Ride with the Mayor of Columbus to celebrate the nearly complete Camp Chase Trail, which runs through the Hilltop and stretches over 12 miles, from Big Darby Creek to the west side of the city. The trail will also be a key link of the Ohio to Erie Trail, spanning over 325 miles from the Ohio River to Lake Erie.

Since our running club plans to use the trail for our weekly runs, we went and set up a table to help spread the awareness of our group and what we are about. The director of Columbus Park and Recreation  was there and gave introductions and gave our group a shout out :-) That is the moment I was so proud of our group and all the work Carl has put into the running group to get recognition in front of city leaders and the community!

The group left and we stayed behind; we did run 15 miles that morning remember ;-) We waited for everyone to come back and knew we had to introduce ourselves to the mayor. We had an extra Columbus Westside Running Club hat to give him!

We made our way over to where he was and he actually introduced himself to Carl, which was a cool moment! We explained what our group was about and how excited we were for the trail to finally be open! We gave him the hat and he wore it the rest of the time he was there ;-) 

It was just an awesome day to be out in the community and meeting our City leaders! Don't be afraid to get out and meet your neighbors and your leaders; get involved! 

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