Sunday, August 14, 2016

Longest run to date

I have goals! I have had to make sacrifices to reach my goals, but you know what? Don't we all make sacrifices to reach our goals?

Friday evening I was going back and forth our friend, Sunshine, on FaceBook about meeting up Saturday morning for a run. She is training for a 12 hour run so she had 30 miles to get in; Yes she IS crazy! Carl and I had 15 miles on our training calendar so we all decided that we would meet at 5am to get an early start. The humidity and the heat have been pretty intense the last few weeks.

So, I went to bed at 9pm on a Friday night and set the alarm to go off at 4:15am. Was I upset that I didn't get to stay up and sleep in on my weekend? Nope, not at all. I have goals!

The alarm went off and we got ready and met our friend at 5am. We decided to run towards downtown and see where we would end up. The trail between the Hilltop connector and Grandview was pitch black so we had to use a flashlight to guide us. I am surprised this picture even turned out!

We were a little over 5 miles in at OSU and decided to turn around and head back as we wanted to run on the newly opened Camp Chase Trail. The trail goes right by our neighborhood and is one of the key pieces that will now allow up to hop on and ride our bikes south to Cincinnati or north to Cleveland. We are so excited to have this so close to us!

Carl put coolers in the car with water so we were able to stop by the car on our way back west to fill our hydration packs and my water bottle I was carrying back up with water. It was getting pretty humid out and I enjoyed the small break. Once we filled up, we hit the trail again. We made it to where the trail wasn't black topped anymore ( they still have a bit of work to finish on it before it's all the way connected) then turned around and headed back east to the car. It was exactly 15 miles once we got the car. I was glad to be done! We filled up Sunshines' pack again as she was halfway done to her goal. I felt awesome and pretty proud of myself for running my longest run ever. And I had Carl and Sunshine with me to experience this with me!! :-)

What sacrifices have you made to help you reach your goals?

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  1. I'm so proud of you! You did great on your distance PR!!! =)