Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wish list!

Marathon training has really started to heat up and I'm researching a few things I want to buy.

First up, a GPS watch. I was leaning towards an Apple watch, but I have researched a Garmin and believe a Garmin will be the best choice to track my running, pace and heart rate. One of my running friends has the Garmin Forerunner 235:

Isn't it so pretty!!  Right now I am carrying my phone in my flip belt, which is fine for short runs. I can easily take it out, pause it and put it back in my belt. If I had the watch, I could just hit a button and pause it when we stop for hydration or crossing the street. The watch also monitors your heart rate, which is nice to be able to see it right on my watch along with my pace. One thing I was curious about is if it downloaded your run to MapMyRun, which is does. I would be so sad if I lost all all my previous data; I am now up to 656.1 miles for the year! Also, all the other serious runners have Garmins so I want one too ;-)

Another running item I need to get is a hydration pack:

We have one already that holds 2 liters but that isn't going to be enough for Carl and me when our miles start to increase to 16, 18, 20. The group we run with does have hydration stations but this vest would be nice to have for those times where are running by ourselves. I haven't done much research but this one looks like a possible winner.  I'm going to try running with Carl's Nathan HPL 020 first to see how it fits.

Running can be an expensive sport, but I think of it as an investment to my health. I want to be as healthy as possible for my family and loved ones :-)

I will leave you with this picture of us yesterday during our 10 miler...running with a group makes those miles just fly on by.

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