Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Color Run!

A few months back, Carl's sister Amy asked us if we wanted to do The Color Run with her and his niece. We said of course! We had to check our marathon training calendar and had 12 miles for the morning. We are doing those tomorrow instead.

So, this morning we woke up and rode our bikes downtown to avoid traffic and the $10 they were going to charge for parking-what a rip off! I love living so close to downtown; we take our bikes since it is so easy! We got to the starting area around 8:30 and it was already hot. They called for a heat advisory until this evening. But, we took water and that helped from the possibility of dehydration.

We found Amy's friend and hung out with her for a bit until his Amy got there. The corral was packed! We went with the plan to walk with his sister and her kids. This was more of a fun run for us and we wanted to just enjoy it! They were letting people start in waves and we took off around 9:30 or so.

They had 4 different stations where people were there throwing the color on everyone! The colors were yellow, blue, pink and orange. The color was just a powder but it stuck to me b/c of the sweat! There were even people rolling around on the ground getting the color all over them; I just love to see people having fun! The end of the race went through the Jazz and Rib fest that is going on this weekend. Some booths weren't open yet but we all did stop and get an Kona Ice. It was soo refreshing! By the end of the race, it was nearing 90 degrees, if not hotter. We all finished and they had green and purple stations at the end. We also got a medal; yay for bling!

We all had a great morning and enjoyed making memories with family. What did you do fun this weekend?

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