Monday, July 11, 2016

Running with a training group

When Carl and I decided to run the Columbus full marathon, we agreed that we would sign up with a training group. Our original thinking was to sign up with MIT as we received several recommendations from people we know that have ran with them in the past. After going back and forth, we kindly received an invitation to train with CERC-Columbus Eastside Running Group. I have been mostly running either by myself or with Carl as our Saturdays have been so busy. This past Saturday we were free and decided to join them for their 7am long run.

We got there and Carl knew a few people however I tend to get nervous going to a place  where I don't know anyone.  The gal Jodi who was running in our pace group took us in and introduced us to everyone. Our pace group was around a 10:30 pace. Half marathoners were also in our pack. They were on the schedule to run 8 miles and we were to run 7 miles. Once we got a little over 3 miles out, we decided to stay with the half marathoners and do 8; why not right? I really enjoyed running with a group and they had several water stations which was nice since it started to get warm out. I will have to say the miles just flew by and it didn't seem we ran just a little over 8 miles.

I love love getting up early, getting a long run done by the time most people are still in bed. Nothing beats that feeling of such accomplishment before the world wakes up. After the run, we hopped in the car and needed coffee! We decided to have breakfast at First Watch and load up on coffee.

We went home, cleaned up and then headed to The Columbus Marathon's RunFest. This year was the 7th annual event. They had vendors, free food and also introduced each child for the miles this year. Just hearing all the different conditions each child has and what they have been through was just touching. Makes running the marathon mean even more.
Darris giving his introduction.

Our bag full of  free goodies!

Free food from Jimmy Johns!

They also had seminars you could attend so we attended one called 'How the words Only, But and Slow are ruining your running.' This seminar was given by Star Blackford, who is wife of the race director for the marathon. She talked about how much junk is in our heads when we run. For example, we say " I only ran the half. Or I could have done better but this happened. Or I'm too slow." Running really is a mental game we play in our minds. Why do we do this? We need to take those words out of our running minds!

Another point she made was that the finishing time at the end does not define us. We are the only ones who care what that darn clock says. Our non-running family and friends have no idea what we have been through to get to the finish line and they don't care what the time is. So, we should not care what the time is, only that we got to the starting line and to the finish line.

She left us with a quote, which I leave right here:

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  1. Wow! You totally nailed it with this entry. What a terrific week!!! xoxo