Thursday, July 14, 2016

On a boat!

This past weekend my mom texted me and wanted to see if we would like to join her and my dad on their boat. I didn't hear anything from her and later in the day I texted her-Still thinking of taking the boat out? Lets go! It took her a few minutes to text back and I knew she was asking dad if he still wanted to go out. They haven't taken their boat out in 2 years! Before I knew it, I got a text from my mom that they were headed out of the drive:

We met around 5:30 and there was hardly anybody there. It made it nice that we could just hop on the boat, chill and just visit. My mom brought cheese and crackers so we had that as a snack.
We were on the water for about an hour or so then it was time to pack it in. I held onto the boat while my dad went and got the truck and trailer. I did a good job, right?
We love hanging out with my parents. They are the bomb dot com. Do people still say that!? I am so blessed to have parents who live an active lifestyle and are always up for a good time.

I just cherish time spent with my family. Life gets busy so I make sure I make time for them; tomorrow is not promised so we need to cherish and enjoy everyday. 

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