Sunday, July 24, 2016

Long Run Sunday!

Since yesterday we had the color run, we moved our long run to today ( Sunday). We had a very busy day yesterday with the Color run, celebrated my nieces bday then had a home and garden de-brief meeting. We didn't get home until 10:30 and I knew we had an early morning! We met up with Sunshine, one of our running friends, this morning at 6am at High St. and Lane Ave. The alarm went off at 5:15am and I am not going to lie; that was early!

We got in the car and Sunshine at the corner of High and Lane. Her boyfriend was doing a triathlon so her plan was to try to see him as we ran up High St. Our mileage was to get 12 and hers was to do at least 15. As we headed north on High, there weren't many people out and about, which is one of the things I love about waking up early to run. We got about 4 miles north and the bikes from the triathlon were starting to head south. We decided to keep running north until we saw her boyfriend. We finally saw him right off of Wilson-Bridge Road and he was flying! Our distance to this point was 7, so we turned around and headed back south.

We cheered on the riders as we ran. And they would be cheering us on! They didn't know we had already run 7 miles and still had 6 to go! We knew they had just finished their swim portion, so they had 1/3 of their workout done. The bikers were headed down to OSU, where they would do a run and that would complete their tri. Around mile 10 it was getting pretty dang hot so we made a pit stop at CVS to grab more water and a Gatorade. We also decided to run on the east side of high street to get some shade and to let our bodies cool down a bit.

Since we ran a course we don't typically run, it was nice to see different things we don't get to see often and take in the scenes of High St. This establishment had a pretty funny saying on it so I had to snap a pic:

We gutted our run out and ended up running a half marathon! I was super proud of ourselves despite the heat, but glad we started early in the morning. I couldn't imagine waiting until later in the day. I would die!

Next weekends long run is only 9, so looking forward to a bit of a break. Then the mileage starts back up!

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