Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Long run Saturdays

We are in week 7 of 20 of our marathon training and Saturday runs are getting longer and longer. This past Saturday the alarm went off at 5:45 am! I don't get up that early during the week for work! Carl and I got up, got our coffee and we hit the  road to Baltimore, OH to meet the group @ 7:00 am. Our training group has a group that meets out in Baltimore so this was the first time I joined them. Carl had run with this group back in June.

There weren't too many out of the group who are training for the full so that was a bit difficulty to try and gauge who we would run with. We ended up going with the half marathoners who were running 6 miles;  we had 11 on our calendar. The run was really enjoyable as it was literally out in the middle of the country! Corn fields on both sides and only a few cars passed us on the road. There was a water station at mile 2, so we all stopped, hydrated and kept on. The half marathoners turned around at mile 3, however 2 of the guys stayed with us and decided to run the 11 with us. It was so peaceful and the change of scenery made the miles fly by. We ran 5 1/2 miles out, turned around and headed back. There wasn't another water station so around mile 6 or so, we were both pretty thirsty. At mile 9, we hit up the same water station we did on our way out and that was so refreshing! I want to get one of those water bottles that you hold, but not sure how long it would last me.

This was the scenery that morning:

It was so different to be out of the city, so I tried to soak it all in. We did have a country dog try to chase us, but Carl yelled at it and it turned around. The guy we were with knew the owners, so I guess if it did try to come after us, the owner would know about it :-) I don't think the dog sees too many people running on the road; they are used to tractors!

We finished in 1:52:42. I wasn't concerned about my time at all, just getting the miles in. At the end, the group had Popsicles. They were the best darn Popsicles I have ever had! So refreshing after a long, hot run. We came home, took a nap and just enjoyed the rest of the day. This weekend we have 12 miles on the calendar. We are doing the Color Run on Saturday so we will have to do our long run on Sunday. Guess it doesn't matter as long as the miles are logged, right?

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  1. Exactly! It was totally awesome that Joel & his dad ran out with us to keep us company for our full miles.

    Group running really made the miles fly by. We need to check out Rocks & Roots. :P