Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Officially Marathon training!

This past Saturday was day one of my 20 week countdown until Oct. 16th. I got up early Saturday morning as our neighborhood home and garden tour started at 2:00. Since I am one of the co-chairs, I knew I had to get my run in early. I put on a hat and was out the door before 7am. I love running before the world wakes up. It is just so peaceful.
7 miles done. I came home, sat on my front porch and just enjoyed the morning. I got ready early afternoon and met up with David, my co-chair for the home and garden tour. The houses in our neighborhood are just so different, no 2 are alike. Here are some pictures I took of the day:
Each stop got a hanging basket and a green flamingo.
The homeowner at this stop, had a fairy swinging on the swing in his yard; just awesome!
A homeowner had cookies on display.

We had an after party to thank all the homeowners and volunteers and a chance to just sit back and relax. Some pictures of the food spread from the party:
 Overall it was  success! We never attended the tour to be a money maker, but a chance for Central Ohio to come and see why we call Westgate 'Unexpected.'
David and I after another fun and successful day!

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  1. Congratulations honey! I'm so glad to have you back for another 6 months! XOXO