Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Getting close

This past weekend was Memorial day weekend and we had awesome weather! It was supposed to rain, but you can't always depend on those weathermen. How do they still have a job when most of the time they only predict the weather..and most of the time it's wrong!?

Saturday night I got a good 5 miles in. Carl was busy and wasn't going to be home until later. I knew I had to get a run in so I just ran around my neighborhood.
I love to sweat!!

Sunday we planned to get up early and do a long run before the heat. The alarm went off at 7 and Carl turned it off. Setting the alarm on a weekend is hard, man! I got up around 7:30 and he got up at 9. We knew we had to get going before it got any later. Thank goodness for the new hydration pack Carl bought. We did 10 miles and the water made a huge difference. Will come in handy for marathon training this summer.
Kayaks on the Olentangy River.

I need to get more hats to run in! My hair was a hot freaking mess and Carl had to pry my ponytail holder out twice! God Bless him ;-) Hats are a good thing!

I also learned how to do Snapchat this weekend...too much fun!

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