Friday, June 10, 2016

Columbus 10K

While we were on vacation we decided to sign up for the Columbus 10K, which is Columbus' oldest race. It was a small race and I am always up for more bling!

The race was this past Sunday and started at 8am. It was raining when we got up, but once we got there it had cleared up.
Carl and I didn't start together and decided we would meet at the finish line. We ran north and around Victorian Village and ended up the Olentangy trail which we have ran a million times. By this time, the humidity was getting to me; it was like running in a sauna! I needed something to quench my thirst and saw Katie from The Brokemans Half Marathon with popsicles! There were a few girls in front of me start to walk. Um, no! I just slowed down and kept on going. It was really starting to get hot and saw the finish line. 6.2 miles is easy for me, but not in the heat.

I was drenched and was happy to be done! Carl was at the finish line cheering everyone on. I went straight to the water. My final time was 57:36. I was happy with that and added another medal to my medal rack!

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