Friday, May 20, 2016

Running with Hills...

These hills down south are no joke. We brought our running gear with us and planned to get a few runs in while on vacation. I know most people would skip their workouts and say, 'Hey, I'm on vacation. I will get back on track next week.' Not us-we have goals! Running in Clemson is quite tough when you are used to running on flat land.

We ran by Memorial Stadium and had to snap a picture in front of Coach Swinney's personal parking spot. I sure felt all 7 rolling hill miles after the run ;-)

Carl challenged me to a stair race..I think it was a tie ;-)

We did enjoy a 5 mile hike one day with Carl's dad to Rainbow Falls.  The falls were just beautiful!

The next day we chilled and went to the pool. We are officially country club members thanks to his dad so we have access to the pools. So glad we went that day as the other days have been cloudy and cool.
One night we went to eat at an Italian place and got to sit outside on the deck. The hostess gave us a quick tour since we have never been there before; they had their own wine wall.

Yesterday was a bit overcast but made for perfect running weather. We wanted to get out of Clemson so we went back to Greenville and ran the other part of SwampRabbit trail. Our original thinking was to do about 6 miles, but we felt amazing and ended up with 10. Felt awesome to get in a long run on vacation!
Had to represent the Buckeyes!

Our run finished at the cutest little park. We went back to the car, grabbed a change of clothes and stopped at the public restroom ( which was really nice and so convenient!) to change for dinner. It was a great day!

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  1. It was an awesome day! Love that you are chronicling our vacation!