Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cap City half marathon experience!

Saturday I ran half marathon #6; the third time for this particular race The Capital City Half Marathon. It is one of my favorite races to run because it is so well organized and it's in downtown Columbus and it is just FUN!

The race started at 8am and the night before they were calling for thunderstorms. Now, I like to run in the rain, but didn't want to start in the rain. In the morning, the rain showers were now predicted for the afternoon. The alarm was set for 5:45am, enough time for coffee, toast and to get dressed.
Instead of stressing about parking, we called Uber. We live pretty close to downtown, but too far to walk. This made my life so much easier. Once we were close enough, we got dropped off and made our way to gear check. I have never used gear check before but, I am so glad we did! I packed us each a sweatshirt as I know I was going to be freezing afterwards and I wanted to be comfortable.
Carl and I weren't running together as we wanted to set PR's. We did however start together in the same corral ( C) and you can see from the top picture there were thousands of people behind us. It was our turn to start and off we went! The first few miles were a breeze! Around mile 5, I looked over and saw the 2 hour pace group. I wasn't sure however what corral they started from but in my head, I knew I was going at a good pace. I texted my mom at mile 7 as her and my dad were going to be waiting for us at the finish. I then was looking for mile 9, for some reason I had it in my head that once I passed mile 9, the rest would be easy! Um, well it was except the people around me were slowing down and stopping for a few seconds then taking off again. I let them get to me. I ended up walking for about 30 seconds then told myself no more stopping. Between mile 10 and 11 is a gradual uphill on High Street and walked for another 30 seconds. I went slower than I wanted but I was ready to finish this thing! At round mile 12.5, it is again uphill. Why did they do that to us!? The crowd at that time was full of excitement and cheering us all on.
I looked to my right and saw Carl and my dad took this awesome shot of me! He should be a professional photographer ;-) I crossed the finish line and found my cheering squad. We headed to the celebration party, where you got free pizza and a free beer. We have cut out all alcohol and I was going to have my free beer...I deserved it! 

My parents are so sweet and supportive. They have come to every Cap City half that I have ran to cheer me on at the finish. I really do have the best parents in the world.

We headed to gear check and grabbed our sweatshirts but first had to take a celebration picture as we both set personal records!!
My official time: 2:09:00
Carl's official time: 1:46:44.

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