Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A national legend

Our vacation was coming to an end and before we left, we wanted to visit the neighbor who lives across from Carl's dad. He is not only a neighbor, but a national legend.

We looked out the front window and saw Col. Ben Skardon doing his nightly walk. This guy is truly amazing. He is not only a highly decorated WWII Veteran, he is also one of the very few of the men who are still living who survived the Baatan Death March in 1942. He will celebrate his 99th birthday in July. He walks 2 miles most nights up and down the street he lives on and he invited us to walk with him for his Saturday night walk.

This guy is such a southern gentleman and such an amazing man. For 98, he still lives alone with his dog and does have some help during the day. It was getting dark and time to go in. He invited us in for a visit and we spent well over an hour just visiting and talking. His mind is so sharp and I was just amazed how well he is doing considering what he went through during the march. Every year, he walks in the memorial walk in New Mexico which is 8 miles! His study showcased all of his medals and plaques and also his flag he carries with him during his memorial walks. He loves poetry and brought out a few of his books and was reciting some of his favorite poems. Carl's dad even read us one he really enjoys called "If".

By this time it was after 10pm and we had to get up early the next day to leave for home. We couldn't leave without getting a picture with a national legend and an hero and one of the most amazing persons I have ever met.

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  1. The Colonel is truly a national treasure. I can't wait to see the 60 Minutes documentary about him that's coming out soon.

    Do you remember the time and channel information?