Monday, April 11, 2016

Family weekend

This weekend was full of family time! Carl's dad was here for a week to help us with some house projects and he left on Sunday back to South Carolina. My parents wanted to get together on Saturday and it is always a good time when we get together. Mom picked CBC as they wanted to check it out for a place to have dinner with some of their friends. Carl and I are vegetarians so I like to look at the menu first to make sure there is something on the menu we can get.
Carl got the Orange Glazed Salmon :
I got the margarita pizza:
Everyone really enjoyed their meal and it was a great choice! Good job mom ;-)

The weather has been crazy here and had to snap this picture of the city on our way to dinner:
Sunday we saw  Carl's dad off and wanted to get one more long run in before our half on Sunday. His niece turned 10 today so we met up with his sister and family at Graters in Worthington. We decided to run there! I mapped it out and it would be about 12 miles and that was our goal. We made it right in time to enjoy ice cream with his niece and to celebrate her birthday! Our time was 1:59:38, no stopping or breaks. We are so ready for the half marathon on Sunday...not sure I will beat 2 hours but will do my best and enjoy it!

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