Monday, April 18, 2016

Brokeman's Southwest half marathon weekend recap!

This past weekend was so awesome! We rode bikes, got out of town and ran a half marathon. I was concerned about the weekends activities as I got sick Thursday with a sore throat and my energy level was low. I was in and out of bed on Friday. I made sure I was well hydrated and rested. Listening to your body is very important! This is the recap of our very busy weekend!

Saturday morning we got up and attended The Camp Chase Trail Opening Day. We knew we couldn't stay too long as we needed to pack and head to Cincinnati for the run on Sunday. Part of the Ohio to Erie Trail will soon be going right through our neighborhood. We will be able to hop on and ride all the way to Cincinnati if we wanted to! We ended up doing 12 miles on the bike on Saturday.The weather finally was nice, warm and the sun was shining all day!

We got home, packed and hit the road around 3pm to Cincinnati to pick up our packet. 
We got to packet pick up around 4:30. The half marathon is a no frills race. No shirt, not timed, no free beer at the end. We only had to grab our running bib (which was required so they knew you paid to run) and they also gave us a bag and info about the race. The race was only $20, which is way cheaper than most races! Hence, the name ;-)

Packet pick up was at Urban Artifacts , which is a craft brewery with a taproom, full bar, and live music venue. It's located in the lower level of the historic St Patrick’s church in Northside Cincinnati. 

We had the whole evening and decided to head to Ikea. We just got in new living room furniture and a new dining room table so we wanted to look for some new pillows and chairs.
You can say our trip was successful by the way the cart looks! Very happy with our purchases! It was close to 7:00 when we left Ikea and were hungry. We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom and I was not impressed at all. I don't think I will go back; they screwed up our order and it took forever! I was tired and needed to go to bed as we had an early morning on Sunday. 

On Sunday, we woke up, got dressed and grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel.  The race was held at Miami Whitewater Forest in Harrison, Ohio. We parked and got there in plenty of time. The start was right by the lake and it was just beautiful! 
If you look really close in the middle of this picture, you will see me :-)

There were several hundred people at the race. It was very different from other races that I have done, as there are usually several thousands of people. The Brokemans is relatively new and this was the first one held in Cincinnati. We are signed up for the one in Columbus in October. There is a 13.1 option, 8 mile option and a 5K. The path was on a bike path and we were told at the beginning of the race that there was minimal shade and it would warm up. The forecast for the day was 80 degrees! 

Race time kicked off at 8:30am. Carl and I decided not to run to music and would run with each other. This was our first race where we ran together vs. on our own and just meeting each other at the finish. I needed his encouragement this day for sure.  I was worried about how I would feel as I wasn't 100%. The first part of the run was that you ran halfway, then turned around. At the turnaround I had to take a few seconds to get myself together. The heat was getting to me and I knew I just had to take a breather. On the course, there were self serve water stops so on the way back, Carl made sure I got water at each stop. This race had a cup free policy so we bought our own reusable cups. I liked this which prevented a bunch of cups all over the ground. We kept ours in our flip belts and they worked out perfect! At mile 9, is where I had to dig deep. It was really starting to warm up and the hills were a factor. I ended up walking a few minutes around mile 11 as I was getting dizzy. Carl was there right with me..he kept reminding me that this was a fun run so just enjoy it. So, that is what I did. We finished and really enjoyed the day together. Not sure of our official time since it wasn't timed and truth be told, I'm not concerned about my time for this run. It was all about having fun and having new experiences!

Half marathon #5 for me and half marathon #2 for Carl in the books! Next up, Cap City April 30th!

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  1. What an awesome recap from an awesome weekend!! Xoxo 😘