Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday feels...

Happy Tuesday! Lets start with a Tuesday selfie because we all know we love selfies, right? And truth be told, I think my hair looked good today  :-)

I got a lot of compliments today on my shirt. One girl told me it was 'very 80's'. I didn't think of that until she told me. Got it at Target! Love that store. I could live in athletic wear if I could! 

Tonight was our running group night with the Columbus Westside Runners. Since it has warmed up Carl and I aren't lazy ( mostly me b/c I hate to be cold!) and we  have been running to the park vs. driving where it starts then running home. It is only about .75 miles away. This way we get a warm up run, run our 5 miles then we run home and are able to get in a bit of a cool down walk too. Tonight=6 miles!  
We had some new faces join us tonight and we hope that we continue to see it grow as it warms up! It has been nice here ( for Ohio) but I'm ready for the weather to stay nice...and not tease us with 65 degrees one day then 35 the next. Can it just stay warm from now on? I'm ready to ditch the sweaters and boots and am ready for tank tops and flip flops!

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