Sunday, January 21, 2018

Still Streaking!

We successfully completed our 40 day run streak from Thanksgiving day through New Years Day! One of our running friends found another streak that runs through February, so we decided to continue our streak, combining the 2.

 I didn't read the guidelines all the way through (oops!), and the rule was that all the miles had to be OUTSIDE. I posted this picture on the first day of the streak to the FB group:

It was SO freaking cold out that day, and we decided to hit the treadmill. I had a great 5-mile run and felt AMAZING afterward! I woke up the next day, and there were a few comments on my picture asking how many outside miles I had done. The answer was ZERO. I just quietly deleted the post and unfollowed the group.

I didn't feel bad at all; this was MY streak, and I was going to do what I wanted ;-) Carl and I have since continued our streak and today, was day 60! We have run every day, even just a mile since Thanksgiving day and we don't have plans on stopping! Total miles so far-204.62!

We are in the midst of half marathon training, so that helps! The weather has FINALLY warmed up too; a few days last week were brutal and the wind..was serious! How many days until Spring!?

Stay tuned on how our training is going and updates to our run streak :-)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Run streaking and race report!

I am excited to see what 2018 brings! From Thanksgiving Day through New Years day, our running club had a friendly competition with our sister club, CERC for a run streak via FaceBook. It has been SO fun to get to know them a bit better and cheer them on! The only rule was that you had to run at least a mile everyday; no excuses! My total for the last 40 days was 144 miles; some days I ran only a mile and some days I ran more. There were days that I just didn't feel like it, but I knew my streak was on the line.

Today, New Years Day, there was a local 5K-Finish on the First, which encourages those to come out and get the year started right! Carl and I didn't have plans to sign up, but I won an entry via an Instagram post, thanks to Living Fit Columbus. Since I won an entry, I bought Carl his entry for his birthday, which was Dec. 27th.

We have been not feeling well the past few days and were hoping we would feel better to run. The temp. in Columbus was around 7 degrees so we knew we had to bundle up! We got there about an hour early, but thankfully we could wait inside the community center until the race started. We found some of our running friends and hung out with them for a bit.

Carl and I decided that we were just going to do an easy run and run this one together! We usually don't run races together, as we are always focusing on time and racing the clock. It was SO nice to just run the race and just enjoy it; so that is what we did!

We finished, and cheered some friends in as they crossed the finish line. By this time, our hands were going numb so we headed back inside. They had tacos for us, so we had a lettuce and tomato taco. We found our friends again and talked about their race experience with them. 

I would run this one again as it was a nice race and an awesome way to kick off 2018!

Friday, December 22, 2017

2018 Goals

2017 is winding down and what a great year it has been! My main goal this past year was to run the Columbus Marathon without getting sick, over heated, and in under 5 hours. I actually had a really really great marathon and am SO happy with it!

After the marathon, I told myself that I was going to take 2018 off from marathon training..I felt I just needed a break. But, a few weeks later, the Chicago Marathon opened up their lottery and I thought to myself, why not enter..I didn't have anything to lose! I put my name and Carl's name in, and waited like a month!

On Dec. 12th, we both got the email that we didn't get selected. I was a bit disappointed, but also relieved. This would open up all kind of options for 2018, as far as running another marathon. We are still going back and forth about running a marathon in 2018, just need to decide and it cannot be Columbus; we want to go and cheer next year!

My next race is the Cap City Half Marathon, which is April 28, 2018. They were looking for people to be ambassadors for the race. They wanted people to document their training via social media outlets and be motivation and inspiration. Well, that is definitely something I wanted to do and today, they announced that I was selected along with 7 other people and I can't wait to share my experiences and hopefully be an inspiration to someone out there! This is the race that that I want to finally get a sub 2 hour half. I was really close at Emerald City in August, however I was in the middle of marathon training as well.

I'm doing my training with the Columbus Westside Running Club as they have been SO supportive and inspiring the last 2 years. I have met SO many great people I call friends through CWRC; such a great supportive group!

Please make sure you follow me here as well as Instagram. Stay tuned for a code that will save you $$ with your registration! 

Monday, October 23, 2017

OSU 4 Miler 2017

The OSU 4 miler is one of our favorite races and we have ran it the past 4 out of the 5 years. This is one you don't want to miss if you are local.

It is typically one week from when the Columbus Marathon is, so we have something to look forward to once the marathon is over. This past week, I didn't run Monday, ran a very slow mile on Tuesday, didn't run Wednesday or Thursday. By Friday, I was ready to see how I was feeling. I had a nice 3 mile run and it felt pretty good! I didn't run Saturday, as I wanted to see how I would do on Sunday.

One of our run club friends met us at our house and we drove down to OSU together. I like to get to places early, and not have to mess or worry about traffic. We found an awesome parking spot next to the stadium and we were parked by 8:20am.

Carl, Brenda and me

The race didn't start until 10:00 but they were expecting around 15,000 people to participate. We headed towards the stadium as we had some friends from our run club running and we had planned to get a group picture!

What a group!

The morning was BEAUTIFUL and warm enough that we didn't have to pack anything for gear check. The sun was shining and I knew it was going to be a good race! Carl and I headed over to our corral at 9:30, and he decided he was going to start with me in corral B. He signed up for corral A, but since he is the sweetest boyfriend, he wanted to start the race with me :-)

Former OSU player, Ryan Miller took this picture

They had played the national anthem then Carmen Ohio. It was time for the race to start and they let corral A start, then a few minutes later, we were off!

I forgot to look to see what my time was last year, but I knew I wanted to give this a good go. I was feeling really strong, even after running the marathon just a week prior. Around mile 3, the sun was heating up and I just don't do well in the heat! Once we saw the stadium, I knew we were close. The route took us around campus, then entering the tunnel at Ohio Stadium and finishing on the 50 yard line!
I finished and immediately looked for Carl. I quickly found him and we snapped a picture in the stadium.

We headed out of the stadium, grabbed water and a snack and decided to sit on the other side of the fence where the finishers were at, to look for people we knew. It was a sea of runners and they all either were wearing scarlet or grey! We were able to find some of our friends from the crowd.

I found Brenda and we headed out. I was anxious for my official results and when they weren't posted,  I had emailed M3S and they told me that they were working on it. A few hours later, I looked and saw this:

1st place!! ( I wish!..ha!)

I knew they were still working out the bugs, so about a half hour later my time was posted: 

I shaved off 40 seconds from my time last year! I definitely recommend this race to anyone who lives in Columbus, even if you walk! It's just a fun, family oriented race that supports Buckeye Cruise for Cancer.

So, who is going to sign up next year with us!?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Columbus Marathon Take 2

This past Sunday, 10/15/17, I ran my second full marathon and it was quite an amazing day. The week prior, I ran 10 miles with my Columbus Westside Running Club and felt amazing the entire run. I knew I was ready to kick some booty at the marathon.

We met our run club at a tent, thanks to the Columbus Running Company and to the Columbus Marathon for letting us have a spot to meet up. I was so excited to see everyone and wish everyone good luck as I knew they would all do awesome.

Buck, Me, Jennifer, Sandy, Carl, Mac, Walt and Victoria

We missed a few in the picture as they were in line for the bathrooms :-) I decided I would wait and hit a port a potty on the course.

It was time to get in our corrals and I headed to corral D. I looked around and I saw mostly half marathon bibs. I was really starting to get anxious to start, and I ended up seeing just a few full marathon bibs. I knew I was in the right place.

I didn't cross the start line until around 7:45 ( the race started at 7:30am) or a bit later as they released the corrals in waves. I knew I wanted to take this race slow....I mean like 10:30 pace as I knew I wouldn't be in good shape at mile 13.1 if I went any faster. I was going to also stop at ALL the hydration stops and try to enjoy the day. The weather was warm for October, and the race started out with yellow flags, which meant to slow down as hazardous conditions were expected.

I knew at the beginning of the race, Carl wasn't sure if he was going to be able to run the full due to some knee issues he has been having. I crossed the point in the race where the half marathoners turn off and the fulls keep going. I see Carl, my parents and his family at the corner cheering. I was glad to see Carl didn't push himself and knew his limits, but also thought I had to keep going as I had people waiting on me!

Around mile 16 or so, my left foot started rubbing on my shoe. Thankfully one of the medic tents had some Vaseline; I quickly took off my shoe and lathered my toes and foot. I was good to go! The wind started to pick up, which made it more difficult but I kept pushing through. I later found out that they diverted some of the full marathoners at the end due to some lightening in the area. The wind was crazy!

As I ran miles 20-26, I was thinking to myself what a great day it was. Last year, I didn't remember miles 20-24 as I had gotten so sick. I was taking everything in and stopping at every hydration stop and felt so good. I also packed some twizzlers and my salts and those helped too :-) There were spectators also giving out goodies, like jelly beans and starbursts.

At mile 24, I had started to walk and a girl came next to me and said, " I'm sticking with you if that is ok". I needed her to push me through the next 2 miles. I told her that I wanted to finish under 5 hours and she said "lets do this!". We kept up with each other until mile 25.5 or so and she kept going. I was still running but a bit slower. I kept telling myself  "don't walk, you got this!"

I turned the corner to run to the finish line and saw my family again. They were cheering me on and I knew I was going to get under 5 hours.

I finished and felt AMAZING! I grabbed a water and some snacks and headed to our team tent. I was anxious to see who was there and how everyone did.

My parents

My parents met me there and my mom said, " I can't believe how good you did and you have a smile on your face!." I couldn't believe how well the day went and how AWESOME I really did feel! My official time was 4:56:57. I shaved an entire HOUR and 5 MINUTES from my time last year!!

Hit the PR Gong!

Mac and I

The Race Director, Darris Blackford

So proud of us!


Will I run another marathon? Possibly but right now, I am just so happy with the outcome of the day :-) 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I love headbands!!

Whenever I run, I either wear a hat or a headband; they are just a part of my running gear just like my shoes are. I have been loving Bondi Bands and I applied to be one of their ambassadors!

I checked my email last night and was told that I was accepted as part of the ambassador team! I am so excited to be able to share their awesome bands with you all and the best part...a coupon code for all my friends :-)

You can shop here and use my special coupon code: coachbecca to save 10%

Happy shopping!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

My best half!

Back in August, Carl and I ran the Emerald City half marathon in Dublin, OH and I thought he was crazy for signing us up for a half at the end of August. I do not do well in the heat, so I was a bit concerned that it was going to be hot, hot, hot.

We got up early on race day to have enough time to park and figure out where the start was; and I hate to be in a rush! This was our first time racing this race, so we weren't sure of the course.

We got there in plenty of time and met up with some of our running friends. Thank goodness it was almost cold out that morning; I had a good feeling!

Carl has been having some knee issues so he decided to run with one of the girls in our group who does intervals. I was glad that he wasn't going to do it by himself and he had someone to keep him company!

Sandy and Carl headed to the finish!

The course was on some roads, through a neighborhood and then through a park. I was so happy that it was cool out, as there wasn't much shade and I would have had a hard time running in full sun.

Around mile 7 or 8, I calculated that I could possibly PR! I even recorded instastories mile 8-13 :-) I was feeling SO good! I finished and checked my official time and saw:

Finishing time: 2:03:57
Min/mile: 9:28

I just shaved off almost 6 minutes off my previous PR! I was so excited to have that time be almost 2 hours! I typically run around a 10 minute mile, but that day I had speed :-) My goal next year is to have a 2 hour or less half. I just need to get the marathon done, have a few weeks recovery and rest and start to focus on my next goal!